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"Was It Somethin' I Said?" is a rock album of 13 original songs by Suffolk based rocker KIRK. It's recorded and produced by Steve Boyce.

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Was it somethin' he said??

Kirk is a singer, songwriter and performer who has been playing to audiences all over East Anglia and beyond for more years than he cares to mention!                                                        Known for his energetic Rock 'n' Roll performances, and his almost evangelic appreciation and dedication to his heroes of 1950s rock 'n' roll, this album of 13 of his own songs is long overdue!
The album, taking it's name from his song "Was It Somethin' I Said?" is a rock album, of indeterminate style.     It's  something of a departure from what he is known for, as it would be, because these are his own songs, and his own style. All the influences from all the music that he has absorbed over the years have gone through the blender of his soul, marinated in his heart, and this is the result!
 Kirk worked with the incredible musician Steve Boyce, who has all the skills to bring Kirk's musical vision to life, and he's rightfully very proud of the album.

Steve recorded and produced all 13 songs, while Kirk, as well as writing the songs themselves, produced all the artwork and design for the finished product.
"I've always believed that image and music work so well together. All my favourite artists have a strong image, are entertainers as well as singers/ musicians.                                               I believe in presenting the whole package to an audience, to give everything I can in my music, just as i do in my live performances. 

 The visuals that I've included are inspired by the lyrics, and work with the songs themselves, to help create the atmosphere and feel of the album. There's a lot of passion gone into this project. I'm very excited to get it out into the world."                                                                                 

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